Testing Your Django App

Have you ever wanted to use your computer to test your web application without having to install it on a physical machine? Have you ever wanted to run a single-file Python script to reproduce a complex interaction in your webapp? If so, then Pytest is for you! The pytest-based Chrome extension allows you to do all of these things and more from a a single Chrome window. If you are using a Mac or a Linux computer, you can also use this tool to test your apps without having to install them in any virtual machine environments.

Pytest is easy to use and gets results. It can be used by anyone with basic programming skills and knowledge of how the database works. Using Pytest means writing very very few lines of code, compared to other available free tools. This makes pytest the best tool for quick and dirty testing of the MySQL database interface. MySQL is one of the most used open source databases out there and it’s used by many websites.More information you can find:https://djangostars.com/blog/django-pytest-testing/